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Amorphous Horse

Amorphous Horse are a London-based improv comedy group and creators of [Citation Needed]. Every month, we host London's cosiest comedy night, Happy Place.
We perform comedy all over London, with some of the funniest teams around. As a group of fourteen only ever performing with up to seven, everytime you see us will be a new and exciting combination. No two Amorphous Horse teams are ever the same!

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    Happy Place has become a refuge for those unprepared for the last Friday of every month, who just need that quick fix of unbridled joy and the highest quality laughter to make it safely through to the weekend.


    We are consistently and regularly bowled over by the quality of some improv teams around town, and even more baffled when these comedians at the top of their game agree to play on our little stage in our cosy Happy Place above The Castle pub in Aldgate East / Whitechapel.


    This is a room in which we've been meeting, eating, drinking, laughing, playing, and designing shows together since March 2017. It is our joy and privilege to invite friends, families and beautiful strangers in from the cold and dark so that they too can be wowed by the quality flowing hilariously through the theatres of London.


    If you are an improv team and would like to come and play on our stage, please email us!


    You can add the next one to your Google calendar by clicking the button at the top of the screen. Technology!






    On the last Thursday of every month, Amorphous Horse hosts the cosiest comedy night in London. Joined by two of the city's funniest comedy teams, you won't experience anything like this anywhere else - and it's only a fiver.

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    Come see our Happy Place at The Castle, 44 Commercial Road E1 1LN, nearest stop Aldgate East:

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